A Year at Rabble Studio: Amy's story

As part of our 'A Year at Rabble Studio' series, Rabble Studio member Amy Pay reflects on the past twelve months as a regular at the coworking space.

Amy is a freelance journalist and content creator, working for The Telegraph, Lonely Planet, BuzzFeed, Visit Wales and many more.  At Rabble you'll probably find her cranking out early millennium emo tunes on the Sonos speakers, updating our tea chart with the latest members' milk and sugar preferences, or fussing over one of the many studio dogs that visit the space.

Willow shaking Amy's hand

Where were you working from before you joined Rabble Studio last summer?

I was working from our flat, which is small and can get stuffy if you're sat in it all day. Sometimes I'd work from one of the independent coffee shops in the city centre if I needed to shake things up. 

Why did you join Rabble?

I went to a coffee morning, largely because I was intrigued and wanted to see if it actually was different to other coworking spaces in the city, as it promised. I was won over straight away. The space was full of natural light and friendly faces, a much more motivating environment than I was used to. There was an encouraging feeling of relaxed concentration, too; people were working, but they looked happy to be there.

What benefits have you experienced from being a Rabble member? 

One of the greatest benefits is the sense of understanding amongst members. Most freelancers or self-employed people experience peaks and troughs in their workload. Trying to explain the weird reality of this to people who've only ever been in full-time employment is difficult. At Rabble, we’ve all been in that situation, so we help each other to stay upbeat through the dry patches and genuinely praise good work when it happens (which is pretty often when you're amongst this talented bunch).

What have been the highlights of being a part of Rabble?

I could write a thesis answering this question! On the work side of things, having more structure to my week has been invaluable. I've always been organised with my time, but having a place to go and people to see is a real motivator to get up and kick butt in what I do. Having people with different skills to exchange creative ideas with and get feedback from has been useful too; I couldn't do that when I was alone in the flat!

The biggest thing for me has been meeting lots of people and building relationships with other creatives. I feel like I'm part of a team and have a real sense of belonging here. These guys are my pals as well as my desk buddies. Before now, I've never felt as keen to go for after-work beers, cinema trips or meals out with the people I've sat next to at work all day.

What has surprised you the most about Rabble?

I didn't think I needed to join a coworking space before I came here. If I'm completely honest, I saw them as an unnecessary expense when I was already paying rent for the flat. However, I was so wrong! Being a Rabble member has made me much more productive; I have bigger and better clients now, more work and a higher income. I've also gained so much in terms of my social life and self-confidence, and I've learned all sorts of useful and useless information.