The benefits of joining a creative co-working space

The experience you have working at a corporate workspace or a no-frills shared office facility is hugely different to that you'd have at a creative co-working space. Each type of workspace serves a different audience and purpose.

We want to share some of the feedback we've had from our community members about the benefits they've experienced from working at our creative co-working space. Hopefully, it'll help other freelancers decide which type of co-working space is right for them! 

Rabble Coworking Members

Inspiration surrounds you

By sitting amongst a group of talented creative professionals, you get to find out about the cool stuff that others do. It gives you a chance to learn about something new from experts and can provide the spark of inspiration that you need to move forward in one of your areas of work. Along with inspiration comes possibilities to collaborate, share work or swap tips.

"There is always someone here to help if you've got a creative problem and plenty of people who you can think up great ideas with." – Sarah, copywriter and proofreader

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You're a part of something

Working from home is incredibly isolating. When you move from the lonely corner of the kitchen to an open, friendly studio, you feel like you're stepping into a supportive community. The creative workspace becomes part of your work, as it is where the bulk of the magic happens and where you network the most.

"There's always somebody to talk things through with – be it which colour works best in your latest branding project or what to have for lunch! It gives me a real sense of belonging." – Gemma, graphic designer

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Flexible coworking workspace

A space to suit you 

In most creative co-working spaces, there'll be a variety of options as to where you work, how you work and in what sort of environment. It's surprising how much comfort, safety and flexibility can affect your mood and productivity, so having choice lets you match your needs to a space. 

"Here we've got a meeting room for important client chat, a large open plan studio for day-to-day work and a lounge for when you need some quiet time to chill or defeat a deadline." – Matt, journalist and content marketer

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A better work/life balance

When you're self-employed, it's hard not to let your work consume you. After all, if you do very little work you won't make a lot of money, so overworking often feels like the necessary action. Studies have shown that working for long periods of time without breaks, social check-ins and healthy meals (plus yummy snacks) can make productivity worse.

"We put a huge emphasis on being friends and space-sharers, not just people in the same room. We eat lunch together, we take breaks walking around the Bay together and we make sure there are plenty of socials for people to be a part of after work so that we can build on friendships." – Dan, designer and studio manager 

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It gives you a reason to get up

Most freelancers will have had a brief spell of being down in the dumps and somewhat slobby. Working on your laptop from bed? Hunching over your keyboard in-between running to and from the biscuit tin? Deciding to get up, dressed and out of the house when you're a freelancer is pure effort, but once you've done it you feel ready to conquer the day. 

"Having a lovely space to go to work helps you focus on what you have lined up, and seeing friendly faces when you walk into the room makes getting on with boring tasks much easier. Being seen also makes you positively accountable; you are a hardworking creative, so show people that you kick butt with what you do by turning up and making great stuff happen!" – Paul, graphic designer

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The potential for the unexpected 

More so in creative co-working spaces than other hubs, each day brings huge variety. You don't know who you'll meet, what chances you'll stumble upon or whether a dog might pop in for cuddles. The freedom, flexibility and unexpected joys of a creative co-working space complement the personalities of members and nurture the types of work that go on. There's no room – or need – for a boring day! 

If you want to visit Rabble Studio to see if it could be the right workspace for you, just drop us a message