Rabble Workshops: Diana Oliveira

As part of our ongoing series of workshops, we caught up with Diana Oliveira (Dee) to talk about her work, process and what we can expect from her Product Photography Workshop.

Dee Oliveira

Tell us a little bit about what you do

I'm a product photographer, specialising in working with designers, makers and small businesses.


What is your aesthetic like?

In my work I have a very simple and almost minimalistic approach. I love soft shadows and subtle colour play. You will at some point hear me say 'less is more' – I swear by it.


Tell us about your process…

When I get a photography brief it's really important for me to understand my client's story and branding. The amount of planning that I do for each photoshoot will vary depending on the brief, but the bottom line is to make sure that the styling meets whatever the client is trying to say about their products. This can mean sourcing the right props, new backdrops and even trying out new lighting set-ups.

I also often share Pinterest boards with clients, so that we can both share ideas for the photoshoot. I love it when clients get involved and, as most of my clients are very creative, bouncing ideas usually happens quite naturally. I try to make sure my photoshoots are as stress-free as possible and hope they are an enjoyable experience for my clients. After the shoot it's always fun to wind down with a cup of tea while I edit everything.


What can people expect from your workshop?

My workshop is all about learning to make the most of your own resources in a hands-on environment. Participants will bring their own cameras and take the time to really understand how to do what they need to do using their own equipment.

They will also be shown techniques for controlling artificial and natural lighting to suit their needs as well as some do's and don'ts of product photography. It's ideal if you often need to create your own product photos for blogs, social media and online shops.


Any work or personal plans for the future?

In the past couple of months I've enjoyed moving into my new studio and turning it into a nice space that I can welcome clients into. I'm looking forward to having a launch party soon to give everyone the opportunity to find out more about me and my work. Yes, Oliver the pooch will be there too!




Product Photography workshop
Thursday 21st September
10am - 2pm

This workshop introduces participants to tips and techniques for easy and accessible product photography.