Rabble Workshops: Lauren Harvey

Ahead of her 'Money management for creative people and businesses' workshop, host Lauren Harvey from Full Stop Accounts tells us about her work, how she helps others and what we can expect from her session.

Lauren Harvey

Tell us a little bit about what you do

The first thing I ever wanted to do was something involving numbers. When I told someone this, they responded, 'oh, a mathematician?’ From there, I became really interested in people who ran their own accounting companies.  

By 2011, I had a degree in artificial intelligence, had implemented finance systems and ran finance departments. Now I'm a chartered management accountant with a team of skilled employees, and together we strive to help creative businesses get on top of money management.


What is your business like?

Full Stop Accounts is about showing businesses how to flourish. We do this by helping them to understand their data, people, numbers, systems and information, then show them how to make the most of it all. We never set out to be just an accountancy practice. Instead, we wanted to be a business that cares about other business and wants to help them to be at their best,  plan for the future, understand their business and make sure they have accurate information.


Tell us about your process

Businesses often do their admin for the benefit of others, such as the tax man or the bank manager. We believe a business should be doing this for themselves first and foremost, as this is key to their plans for the future. It starts with looking at what cash there is for the business, checking there is a process by which to pay staff and making plans for future ventures. From here, we keep working on establishing and maintaining processes and systems that make admin easier – let the systems take the strain and provide you with information; that way, you can spend more time doing what you set out to do instead of admin!


What can people expect from your workshop?

Our workshops are informative but relaxed, giving you plenty of hints and tips to get ahead without burdening you with jargon and a stuffy atmosphere. We’ve run two previous workshops at Rabble, which have focused on the basics of setting up as a business and what to claim as expenses. This time, we'll be covering more of the same, as well as providing guidance on easy ways to do your bookkeeping and how to manage your data. 


Any work or personal plans for the future?

My background is in Artificial Intelligence, so I'm currently looking at creating some tech that ensures the businesses we work with have the best information at their fingertips whenever they want. I'm also going to Melbourne in September for a turbo-charged business trip, meeting the movers and shakers at the forefront of Fintech.



Accountancy & finance for creative people
Wednesday 20th September
6:30pm - 8:30pm

Let's face it, filling in a tax return is the worst! So why not make it easier on yourself and learn all the tips & tricks from a pro!

Hosted by Chartered Management Accountant, Lauren Harvey, the 2 hour workshop will cover everything from business structure all the way through to what software is available to make your accounts and your life easier.

Take that Tax Officer!