Rabble Workshops: Lucy Dickson

As part of our ongoing series of workshops, we caught up with Lucy Dickson to talk about her work, process and what we can expect from her Illustration & Screenprinting Workshop.

Lucy Dickson

Tell us a little bit about what you do

I am a freelance illustrator who screen prints, plus I run workshops and community projects. I keep busy! I love having the two sides to my practice. I couldn't do one without the other.


What is your aesthetic like?

Simple, bold and colourful. I work mainly on Illustrator, using screen printing as a way of completing my work. This method complements my flat use of colour. I guess you could call it 'digital collage'. My main aesthetic influence is nature and morality. I've also always taken an interest in religious iconography, although this is a more subtle visual detail. 


Tell us about your process

My process is very natural. I'm not a structured person when it comes to creativity, although I am organised – which is important as a freelancer! I really take each project as it comes.

Communication is very important to me when it comes to my clients. I mainly use Illustrator for commissions, with the work either staying digital or getting screen printed/produced. Aesthetically, my process is all about paring everything down to produce something simple, communicative and visually enjoyable. Choosing colours is one of my favourite parts.


Why did you decide to stock your work at Rabble?

I think Rabble is a great venture for Cardiff. I'm always keen to support independent businesses that aim to improve the city in which they call home. I saw an opportunity to be part of something new, which is exciting! 


What can people expect from your workshop?

I always aim to create a relaxing environment for the workshops I run for adults. It's all about learning something new, having fun with it and having something to take away with you that you can be proud of. 


Any work or personal plans for the future?

I just want to keep achieving my goals. I've got some exciting projects that are being completed right now. This year I've managed to do a lot more of what I love, so more of that would be great! Also, I'll hopefully fit in a holiday later in the year!




Illustration & Screenprinting workshop
Tuesday 12th + 19th September
6:30pm - 8:30pm

In the first session you will be exploring simple and fun illustration techniques with the opportunity to screen print your designs in the second session on the following Wednesday. 

All material are included plus, you get to keep your prints!