Meet our members: Andrew Price

Continuing our love for sharing the work and wonderfulness of our Rabble members, we caught up with Andrew; one half of digital agency Moon and creative technologist, to talk about exciting VR/AR projects, the wonders of natural light and the most behaved springer spaniel in the world!

Hi Andrew! Tell us a bit about you. What do you do, where are you from and what keeps you busy?

I’m Andrew Price, a Creative Technologist with a particular interest in user interfaces and the boundary between analogue and digital worlds. I specialise in using web technologies, in particular Javascript, to solve problems. 

I’m one half of digital agency Moon, partnering with design and user experience expert Will Richards, another Rabble member. I’m also a board member of Beyond The Border, an international storytelling festival based in Wales, which celebrates its 25th birthday this June (Tickets selling fast so get them while you can). I’ve also been asked to contribute to as an industry expert in technology in the arts.

All this pretty much sucks up all my time and then some. And that’s before you throw in my family and a dog. It’s all a nice kind of busy though.


Why did you join Rabble? Has it met your expectations?

I’d spent a few years working from home and while the commute was great, I missed meeting with other people. I tried a few co-working spaces but found the people at Rabble very welcoming and friendly and it provided the creative environment I was looking for. The first thing that hit me when visiting Rabble was the natural light in the space, something I still appreciate to this day. I joined Rabble 18 months ago and still love it.


What’s been your favourite project you have worked on with Moon so far?

I’ve been lucky enough to work on a number of interesting and varied projects in the last few years including developing Curzon Home Cinema, Hinterland Sound Designer for the BBC and several prototypes for Freesat.

My favourite projects have been working with artists on R&D projects to help bring digital into their work. I’ve worked with theatre, dance, opera and storytelling organisations but one highlight was a couple of years ago when I was a digital expert in a BBC Connected Studios for the Arts where I got to work on an intensive two day build workshop with a couple of talented installation artists from North Wales. I still collaborate with them to this day.


Any plans for the future? Both with Moon and personally of course.

I’m working with the BBC over the next few months on some R&D on VR, AR & 360 videos, which I’m looking forward to. Moon have a number of other projects in the pipeline too, which is going to keep us busy for the next few months and beyond. We’re always on the lookout for new projects though, especially if it presents a new and interesting problem to solve.

On a more personal note, I’d just be happy to get through my kid’s teenage years with my sanity intact.


We love your doggo! Tell us about him (and can you bring him in more?)…

Not content with the complexity of juggling a bursting workload with the demands of a family, last year I threw a dog into the mix. Oli is a lovely springer/cocker cross who forces me to take breaks and get out for nice walk. Luckily, Rabble is more than welcoming to dogs so I bring him in on occasions where he loves to lay on the window sill and snooze or look out of the window.



Where can people find out even more about you?

I’m not a heavy user of social media but I’m on twitter @da_price and @madebymoon. Moon’s website is and I can be contacted at

Or just drop into Rabble and give me a poke :)