Meet our members: Gemma Richards

Continuing our love for sharing the work and wonderfulness of our Rabble members, we caught up with Gemma Richards to talk about design, work/life balance, sports plus a love of beer, coffee and dogs!

Gemma Richards

Hiya Gemma! Tell us a bit about you. What do you do, where are you from and what keeps you busy?

Hello! I’m Gemma and I’m a freelance graphic designer living in Cardiff.I love being outside exploring and travelling. I’m also a bit of a keen bean when it comes to sport so you’ll often find me out running, cycling or playing netball. I also love good beer, coffee and DOGS!


Why did you join Rabble? Has it met your expectations?

After spending my first year of freelancing working from my home office back in Loughborough, our move to Cardiff couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. I was starting to go a bit crazy working on my own all day and I was missing the interaction with colleagues and fellow creatives. We moved down to Cardiff last June and straight away I was on the hunt for a coworking space.

Joining Rabble was the best decision I could have made! Not only has it given me more structure to my day and the chance to meet a bunch of like-minded wonderful people, it’s also a really lovely environment to work in and I have made some fantastic friends who I always look forward to seeing every day.


What sort of projects have you been working on since making the move to freelance life?

I’ve been really lucky to have worked with a great mix of clients and projects, ranging from designing promotional materials and resources for sports charities and national organisations like Sport Wales and England Rugby, all the way through to working with couples tying the knot who are on the hunt for their dream wedding stationery. Being able to work on such a range of projects is incredibly rewarding and one of my favourite things about being a freelance designer!


You went to Australia recently. How does taking a break and changing your surroundings help your work life?

Having the opportunity to go and work/chill out in Australia for a month was a pretty awesome experience. It was great to go and work in some new places and take a break from the daily routine. You can’t beat spending the afternoon relaxing on a sunny beach! It certainly makes you really appreciate how important it is to have a work/life balance and make sure you get out and enjoy every day. I’ve come home feeling super refreshed and excited to get back into some new projects! 


Any plans for the future? Both with work and personally of course

I’m just starting some new work with Canoe Wales and British Triathlon which should be good fun. The most exciting news is that we’re on the hunt for a new house in Cardiff and then we’ll FINALLY be getting a dog! I’m very excited for the day I can bring him into the studio to hang out with all the other wonderful Rabble dogs!!


Where can people find out more about you?

I’m on Instagram and Twitter @designbygemma and you can see more of my design work on my website where you can also drop me an email too :-)