Meet our members: Kathryn Lewis

Continuing our love for sharing the work and wonderfulness of our Rabble members, we talk to Kathryn about remote working, office bants, 4pm drinks FOMO and coffee snobbery.

What's up Kathryn?! Tell us a bit about you. What do you do, where are you from and what keeps you busy?

Hello! I’m a food writer, editor, serial eater and not-so-secret coffee snob from Exeter. When I’m not stuffing my face for my job (someone’s got to do it), I’m usually cooking for friends, drinking gin or working off the latest extreme eating session at the gym.


Why did you join Rabble? Has it met your expectations?

Fresh from uni I moved to north Devon to start my dream editorial role at Salt Media. A year in, I realised that living in a new town by myself was pretty damn lonely and retreated back to Cardiff to be with my boyfriend and friends.

I was lucky enough to be able to continue my role remotely four days a week, with Monday trips down the M5 to see the gang in the office. Working in my PJs from my sofa Tuesday through to Friday, it quickly dawned on me that I’d swapped my loneliness after work for during work and pined for my days in the office. I’d seen Rabble (and more importantly, the office dogs) on Twitter and plucked up the courage to get in touch.

I started at Rabble in September and it’s been even better than I expected. Other than having company past my cacti collection one or two days a week, being around a group of like-minded creative folk to bounce ideas off, discuss the best places to eat in Cardiff and partake in general ‘office bants’ has been amazing. I used to get massive FOMO when my colleagues in Barnstaple did 4pm Friday drinks without me – now I have another set of ‘work friends’ to socialise in Cardiff.


You mentioned Coffee before... didn’t you help curate an independent coffee guide?

Yep. My first task as an intern at Salt Media was to research the first South West Independent Coffee Guide. Four years on, I’m now the editor of the award winning series (which includes coffee guides for the South West, South Wales, Northern England, Scotland and Ireland) and can usually be found coffee shop hopping across the UK.

It’s not all fun, games and caffeine though – the majority of my time is spent writing, editing and proofing behind the scenes with the amazing team at Salt Media. 

Best coffee in Cardiff, go…

Argh, that’s like asking someone to choose between their children. Lufkin in Pontcanna is an undiscovered gem - owner Dan roasts the coffee right there in the shop while co-owner Frances crafts the ceramic mugs. Waterloo Tea in Wyndham Arcade is another fave, on the weekend there’s a good chance you’ll find me there scoffing brunch on my third flat white.  

Where can people find out even more about you?

You can find out more about the coffee guide over at and what the guys at Salt Media are up to at Or you can give me a follow @KathrynLewis92 on Twitter.