Meet our members: Sarah Philpott

We're always looking for a chance to share the work and wonderfulness of our Rabble members. For this post, we'd like to introduce you to Sarah, a wordsmith and veg worshipper who joined Rabble when she became a freelancer.

Photo by  Manon Houston

Photo by Manon Houston

Hey, Sarah! First up, tell us a bit about you. Where are you from and what keeps you busy?

Hello! I’m a freelance copywriter, food writer and proofreader living in not-so-sunny Swansea. I really like my food and write a blog called Vegging It, which is all about my voyage into veganism. When I’m not cooking and writing, I like reading, watching Parks and Recreation and going for walks. 

Where were you working from before you joined Rabble Studio?

I went freelance earlier this year, so before I joined Rabble I was working at home in Cardiff – and then in Swansea when I moved. I still do that, and I also work from coffee shops and libraries, but once a week I come to Rabble to get my creative fix. Being around likeminded people really helps. 

Why did you join Rabble? Has it met your expectations?

I’d met some of the Rabble gang and been to the studio before and it seemed like my kind of place. It’s great for me to get out of the house (and out of my pyjamas!) and share ideas with such friendly folk. Everyone’s really supportive of each other, too. We all like a natter but we do most of our talking at lunchtime – we’re all busy people and need to get our heads down. It’s a great space, and definitely the best place I’ve ever worked. 

What are you working on at the moment? We heard something about a cookbook...

I still can’t quite believe it’s happening but yes, my first cookery book, The Occasional Vegan, is published in March. All the recipes are vegan but it’s a book for everyone to enjoy. There are meals for every occasion, whether that’s a quick weeknight supper, a leisurely weekend brunch, or something for a special celebration.  There’s also a section on childhood favourites and comfort food, like lasagne, cauliflower ‘cheese’ and cawl, to show that eating as a vegan isn’t all about rabbit food! 

I’m still doing my copywriting and proofreading, too, and I’m lucky to be working with some great clients at the moment.  

Can we pretty please run one of our pot luck lunches using your recipes, once it's published?

Um, yes! I think you may want to try my KFC (that’s Kentucky fried cauliflower) – it really is finger lickin’ good.

Where can people find out even more about you?

You can read my blog here, or read about my other work on my website. Find me on Twitter @sgphil and @veggingit.  If you want to see what I’m eating, follow me on Instagram.

Photography by Manon Houston