A Year at Rabble Studio: Paul's story

As part of our 'A Year at Rabble Studio' series, Rabble Studio member Paul Thomas reflects on the past twelve months as a regular at the coworking space.

Paul runs Bwtîc, a company specialising in branding, design and direction. He's a lovely guy with the most entertaining enthusiasm for paper stock and Disney films.

Paul Thomas

Where were you working from before you joined Rabble Studio last summer?

I was quietly driving myself crazy working from a small studio space at home. It's that kind of idea that seems great when starting out, but beware…

Why did you join Rabble?

I was looking to create a clearer separation between home-life and work-life, between personal and professional life, and looking to progress. Working independently will always mean there is some overlap and an ever-changing schedule, but I hoped a defined workspace would help me shift the balance in the right direction. I also thought it would be an opportunity to make friends, share experiences and collaborate.

What benefits have you experienced from being a Rabble member? 

I'm lucky enough to say that all of the above turned out to be true! My year at Rabble Studio has been an ever-improving experience. It has been filled with genuine learning, support, collaboration opportunities, close friendships and more than our fair share of fun. Not only that, I have gained a Rabble family and a work home.

What have been the highlights of being a part of Rabble?

I'd say any time that we get together, with a shared discussion, purpose or ambition, or a problem to solve or a need to communicate. I always love the spark-filled energy in the air when people and minds come together, even if just to share a joke or discuss the virtues of doggies!

What has surprised you the most about Rabble?

It has to be the indefinable spirit and unquenchable enthusiasm of the place – such a welcoming, accepting and approachable nature. Everyone is so open, generous and genuine. From the year I've been there, which in the grand scheme of things is not a lot of time at all, I have new friends that I feel I've known forever!