Rabble Workshops: Lucy Heskins

Ahead of her 'Intro to SEO' workshop, we caught up with Careercake's Lucy Heskins to talk about about her work, her process and what we can expect from her session on SEO.

Lucy Heskins

Tell us a little bit about what you do

I’m Lucy, head of marketing and product for Careercake. I’m a digital marketer with an obsession with all things marketing. From automation to email marketing, and of course, SEO. I oversee the marketing and product development of the Careercake platform; working to build out features for customers and promote it.

I started off as a copywriter then ghostwriter, writing for both local and national titles, but the idea of working in marketing and with tech appealed and it kicked off from there.


What is your business like?

Careercake is an online learning platform that provides access to a library of courses that will help people in their career. We work with experts in their fields to create unique content that helps people to secure their ideal job as well as succeed in their long term career plans. We’re fortunate enough to have customers in over 30 countries whereby content marketing and therefore SEO, plays a big part.


How about your process?

Iterative. When it comes to using SEO I love improving, tweaking, changing… because you have to be with digital. The way people search online, how they search online, and the devices they use are always changing so you need to anticipate this to make the most from your digital plans.


What can people expect from your workshop?

All different kinds of things! I teach a little theory to set the scene but after that I love people to roll their sleeves up and get stuck in, trying out some of the websites I recommend. I also include videos as well as Q&A sessions with others who can delve into more detail for attendees to ensure they take something away from the workshop that they can apply to their site straight away.


Any work or personal plans for the future?

Careercake is in a really great place; we’re constantly adding to the content library and developing out the platform so there’s plenty to keep me occupied. Personally, I am beginning to create a series of digital marketing resources to share with people.



SEO for Freelancers and Creatives
Wednesday 18th October
6:30pm - 8:30pm

If you want your website to appear on Google, or you need to get your head around search engine optimisation (SEO) for an upcoming project, then this session is for you.

Delivered by Lucy Heskins, she’ll show you what SEO is, how to keep Google happy, and how to use all your great content to attract visits to your site – whether it’s live or just about to launch.

It doesn’t matter how ‘pretty’ your website is, if people can’t find you in the search engines, you – and your mother – will be the only ones looking at it