I’m super stoked to be writing this post!

This month Rabble Studio finalised a collaboration with Creative Cardiff and Cardiff University that offers funded desk space in our co-working home to graduates who studied at Cardiff University.

This opportunity offers two 6 month programmes starting January (the second starting in July) to two graduates who have a creative business idea or are working their way into the creative industry as freelancers. As well as having a full-time desk space in Rabble Studio, we are also offering mentoring sessions with our current members, all of whom are running their own creative businesses, Creative Cardiff and the Enterprise team at Cardiff University.

When I graduated University I felt as if I’d been dropped off the edge of a cliff with no real direction or support and without any knowledge that working for myself was a very real possibility. I had no clue about the things that would get me through my life as a freelancer. Things like writing contracts, marketing, pitching, how to charge for my work and, very importantly, how to surround myself with a supportive network of people in and out of the creative industry. This is still something that happens to a huge proportion of graduates and I’ve always tried to offer my support and advice to those trying to navigate life after university, just like I was back in 2010.

When Rabble Studio opened last year, exploring the possibility of bridging the gap between University and working life in the creative industry was a no-brainer. If we could offer a safe space for graduates to develop their creative ideas or businesses, and surround them with an eclectic mix of professional freelancers who all run successful businesses and could also offer their support, advice, guidance and friendship; we’d be helping to fill that post-uni void, giving graduates a real opportunity to succeed.

Why am I so stoked to be writing this? Well… 

Rabble has been developing this idea of supporting graduates for the past 18 months and now, thanks to some amazing support from Cardiff University and a powerhouse of a collaboration with Creative Cardiff, we can officially make this opportunity a reality!


So what's the deal?

If you graduated from Cardiff University in the last 3 years, want to start or have started your own creative business and would like to spend your work days in a supportive co-working environment, you can apply for a space at Rabble Studio. Applications are out now!

You can find out all the details and download an application form by visiting creativecardiff.org.uk/ymlaen

*Closing date for the first round of applications is Sunday November 26th with the first 2 successful applicants starting the 6 month programme in January 2018. Successful applicants will be notified on December 4th. All applicants should be aware that while the cost of desk space and mentoring is fully funded, individuals must be able to meet their own living costs.