Our co-working community

When creative people come together, cool things happen. At Rabble Studio, we’ve seen friendships grow and projects spring to life. (Oh, and we've devoured an entire mountain of Portuguese tarts together. No shame.)


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We love inviting new people into our space, learning about what they do and providing them with a kick-ass environment to get stuff done.

The studio is home to a hodge-podge mix of creative characters with complementary skills.

We’ve got designers, filmmakers, web developers, photographers, illustrators, producers, writers, marketers and more, all sharing their advice, expertise and favourite GIFs under one lofty Victorian roof in Cardiff Bay.

Sometimes hunching over your laptop in a cold, empty house can be a bit... meh. We've totally been there. If you fancy switching spaces to somewhere that values creativity and collaboration, allow us to introduce you to our disorderly crowd of extraordinary people.


Rabble Studio Manual

- Create a work home
- Build a community
- Facilitate conversation
- Collaborate
- Work collectively
- Ask questions
- Learn and listen
- Have fun
- Make friends
- Do good work that matters
- Be nice to people
- Encourage side projects
- Get stuff done


Meet the Rabble

Everyone at Rabble has something different to offer, but we also have lots in common. Swapping ideas, dreaming up strange-but-awesome side-projects and getting excited over fancy paper is all part of being a Rabbler.


  Dan Spain    Designer / Illustrator

Dan Spain 

Designer / Illustrator

 Tabby Milne  Arts Consultant

Tabby Milne

Arts Consultant

  Paul Thomas   Graphic Designer

Paul Thomas

Graphic Designer

  Amy Pay   Copywriter / Journalist

Amy Pay

Copywriter / Journalist

  Matt Ayres   Copywriter / Journalist

Matt Ayres

Copywriter / Journalist

  Gemma Richards   Graphic Designer

Gemma Richards

Graphic Designer

  Andrew Price   Digital Developer

Andrew Price

Digital Developer

  Sarah Philpott   Proofreader / Copywriter

Sarah Philpott

Proofreader / Copywriter

  Alex Crowley   Mobile Software Developer

Alex Crowley

Mobile Software Developer

  Kathryn Lewis   Editor/Copywriter

Kathryn Lewis


  Matt Sullivan   Graphic Designer

Matt Sullivan

Graphic Designer

  Lowri Howells   Graphic Designer

Lowri Howells

Graphic Designer

  Sam Phipps   Graphic Designer

Sam Phipps

Graphic Designer

  Louise Hobson   Curator & Producer

Louise Hobson

Curator & Producer

  Rob Mills   Content Strategist

Rob Mills

Content Strategist

  Clare Sturges   Writer & Director

Clare Sturges

Writer & Director

  Mike Palmer   Graphic Designer

Mike Palmer

Graphic Designer

  Richard Pill   Design Engineer

Richard Pill

Design Engineer

  Nia Williams   Account Manager

Nia Williams

Account Manager

  Will Richards   Experience Designer

Will Richards

Experience Designer

  Sarah Millman   Illustrator

Sarah Millman


  Alex Smith   Performance Marketeer

Alex Smith

Performance Marketeer

  Zoe Binning   Wedding Planner & Podcast Host

Zoe Binning

Wedding Planner & Podcast Host

  Michael Cranston   Graphic Designer

Michael Cranston

Graphic Designer

  Richard Vaughan   eCommerce & Facebook advertising Consultant

Richard Vaughan

eCommerce & Facebook advertising Consultant

 We've got space for you too - Apply for a space and join the Rabble!

We've got space for you too - Apply for a space and join the Rabble!

Things we do together

All work and no play is why you quit your old job. Becoming a Rabble member means getting to enjoy the social side of studio life. Here are a few of the things we do as a community.


Rabble Studio Events

Tell all your friends

Rabble Events

From wicked talks to great get togethers in the studio, we're all about putting on events for Cardiff’s creative community. Our studio members bring their A-game, chipping in and organising weird but wonderful get-togethers where everyone’s invited.

Pot Luck Lunch

Nibble and natter

Pot luck lunches

And breakfasts, too! Sometimes the best ideas come about when we’re all sat together in the communal lounge, tucking into big plates of delicious homemade grub. Bring your signature dish, grab a fork and get stuck into our monthly pig out sesh.

Happy Paul at Rabble Studio

Fancy a cuppa?

Studio Support

We all love taking time out, wandering the Bay and talking things through with fellow Rabble members. There’s something about fresh air, friendly chats and sugary snacks that puts things into perspective and lets you focus on what’s important.  


Haven't seen what your after? Get in touch with us and we'll see what we can do for you.