Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum coworking membership contract?

We never want to tie anyone into huge lease terms so all of our memberships come with an initial 2-month sign-up period, that converts to a monthly rolling basis thereafter. 

In short, there’s a minimum 2-month sign-up but no pressure after that.

How much notice do I have to give if I want to cancel my membership?

Regardless of your membership type, there is a 1 month (30 days) notice period. This means if you tell us at the end of February you’d like to cancel your membership, you would officially finish at the end of March.

Do you offer day rates / passes?

Yes… and No.

Yes! If you’re a digital member who fancies a change of scenery or wants to dip their toes into studio life, day passes start at £10.00 per day.

Yes! If you’re a part-time coworker (6 days per month) who’s run out of days that month and wants to spend some extra days with us, day passes are available at £10 per day.

No, if you’re not already involved in the studio. There are a whole bunch of reasons why we don’t offer day passes or pay-as-you-go options to non-community members, including community cohesion, security and safety. Simply put, it’s just never really worked for Rabble.

Can I have a trial day?

Hell yeah you can have a trial day! Simply fill out our application form or hit us up with an email with details on why you want to join (or are thinking of joining) Rabble Studio and we’ll get back to you to book your trial day.

FYI visiting Rabble is by appointment only.

We are at the Cardiff Bay end of Bute Street. You can find us by looking for the big grey door to the left of the Premier Shop. If you look by the door there is a buzzer with our name on it, press this, tell us who you are and we’ll let you in.

Can I store my bike at Rabble?

At the moment we can offer some indoor storage as long as you are OK with hauling your two-wheeled steed up a flight of stairs. There is also a bike rack right outside the front door which you can use, and plenty around Cardiff Bay too.

As with any location, make sure you have a good lock. We 100% encourage cycling and the use of public transport.

Can I use my phone/take ZOOM calls in the coworking space?

Of course. This is a shared space where people work so phone calls are part of everyone’s day – all we ask is that you are conscious of your fellow coworkers and use headphones.

We also have a dedicated meeting room and phone booth for more confidential calls.

Can I use Rabble for events or private meetings?

While we encourage the use of our space for all kinds of activities, events and meetings – Rabble is first and foremost prioritised for its members. 

On the odd occasion that we can accept an external booking, this will be done at the discretion of the studio manager and will be subject to any prior bookings, member-led events or socials happening that week.

How do I get to Rabble?

Sometimes Google Maps takes you around the back of the building… but head back to Bute street and look for the grey door with 103 above it.

Our nearest main stop is either on Bute Street or outside the (WMC) Wales Millenium Centre. Plan your bus route map here.

We’re just a couple of minutes walk from Cardiff Bay station.

We are right at the bay end of Bute Street, next to the Premier shop and there are bike racks outside. Make sure you have a good lock as we can not take responsibility for your bike.

Street parking is limited and expensive in Cardiff, but there are several car parks in the area.

What about car parking?

There are public parking spaces on Bute Street which are available (at cost) for 5 hours per day if you can find one.

There are a few car parks dotted around such as Mermaid Quay, NCP and The Red Dragon Centre.

If you don’t mind a 5-minute walk, there are some residential streets towards Grangetown/IKEA which are hit and miss… but free as long as you park responsibly and don’t piss off the residents.

Some of our members also have a Gym membership at Simply Gym, Red Dragon Centre which automatically comes with 6 hours of parking per day if you use the facilities.

What about accessibility?

We are up 2 flights of stairs on the top floor of the building and unfortunately do not have any lift access/options.

Where can I get lunch?

There are loads of cool places to go in Cardiff Bay for lunch. There are some super cool independents that we love which you can check out on our blog. We’ve also got a Tesco and Sainsbury, Greggs and a spoons nearby.

Is Rabble only for creative industries?

Rabble is 100% for everyone, in any industry, from any background – who wants to join our coworking space. The only thing you need to know is that our space is geared towards desk-based work.