The 8 best things about coworking at Rabble

We all know that joining a co-working space comes with incredible benefits. From increased productivity to the ability to share and collaborate with peers from various industries, there’s something for everyone with each co-working space offering their own individual benefits and facilities.

So what makes Rabble, Rabble? We want to share the 8 best things about working in our home for freelancers, small businesses and remote workers.


1. It’s a nice space!

Rabble is on the third floor of an old Victorian building. We have beautiful high ceilings, wood floors, exposed brick, wood beams and lots of windows that let in loads of natural light – which is proven to help mental health, boost your vitamin D and even improve your sleep!

Aside from that, the whole studio is super warm and homely, with comfy furniture and lots of plants for oxygen and natural vibes. We’ve also got an enviable collection of artwork and murals from local designers and illustrators; perfect for impressing your clients and all more than worthy of a cheeky snap for insta.



2. Location

Cardiff bay is underrated! Only 1 mile from the city centre and right next to the train station, we are placed smack bang in the middle of this historical suburb of Cardiff, surrounded by independent coffee, street food and craft beer.

We’re also a stones throw from the waterfront and a few supermarkets if you fancy a sandwich and stroll by the sea…. you might even spot a cheeky glimpse of someone famous as Cardiff Bay is often used for TV shows such as Doctor Who and His Dark Materials. Some of the scenes are even shot right outside our front door!

Cardiff Bay is great! There’s always something to do if you want to hang out somewhere after work, or need somewhere to go for food when you “accidentally” forget to bring lunch again.


3. Regular workshops and socials

It’s important that our community learns and has fun together. Here at Rabble we try to provide events with just the right amount of both. From monthly lunchtime workshops covering everything from GDPR to content strategy (and delivered by our own members of course), to regular boardgame socials, quiz nights and visits to the pub on a Friday for a well-deserved pint.

If that isn’t enough to keep our Rabblers happy, we also have Christmas parties, birthday celebrations and once every three months our members can also book free, quick fix tax sessions with our lovely accountants Full Stop – all included in membership!

This isn’t just a workspace yo!


4. Cool meeting spaces

We build the studio facilities in response to what members need. Which is why our meeting spaces not only look cool but are also functional, compact and cozy. Our dedicated meeting room can hold up to seven people and 2 dogs (see the point 5) – perfect for those client catch ups or kick off meetings. The phone booth is the perfect place to have a Skype chat or phone call – maybe even a quick nap if need be.

Both our meeting spaces are totally free to use with memberships, as and when you need them.



5. Doggos on doggos on doggos

Animals in the workplace are proven to reduce stress and nurture productivity, which is why Rabble is a dog friendly space. Our members definitely make the most of being able to bring their for legged friends to work.



6. Drinks on tap

Okay, not actually on tap (although that would be the best thing ever), but pretty close. Tea, coffee and water is included in all memberships and hot drinks are a big part of Rabble. Our nifty drinks chart means that you won’t have to remember what feels like a million different preferences when offering to do a round for your co-working buddies. Soya milk for Stephen, 1 Sugar for Matt, green tea for Chris – it’s all here!

We’ve also got a dedicated drinks fridge too. So whether you’re relaxing with a cuppa mid-morning, cracking open a cold coca-cola for boardgames night; we’ve got you covered.



7. There’s always time for lunch!

We only have one rule at Rabble – don’t each lunch at your desk. Lunch time is where conversation and collaboration starts so it’s important that we have dedicated space for that time away from work to connect with each other, make friends and eat delicious food.

Pot luck lunch is one way that we almost formalise this lunchtime agreement and once a month, everyone will bring in something to share with the gang. In the past there have been bake off themed pot luck lunches, Pizza and Sushi all on one table and the biggest pot of chilli we have ever seen!


8. The people

Last but by no means least, the friendly faces at Rabble really are what make it so special.

Being a freelancer is hard, and often it can be quite lonely. Knowing that you’ve got a space to go and work with a bunch of other people in exactly the same boat as you is reassuring, and really makes you feel like you’re a part of a bigger community.

This community spirit encourages personal projects to take off, with members from different disciplines being able to offer support and advice. Rabble is a place where colleagues become friends. Not only is this so important for professional growth, but personally too. All of our members have worked together on something at some point – whether that has been on client work, side-projects or even friendly life stuff, such as helping each other move house.


All in all, Rabble is a pretty special place to work. From the way that the studio has been built around its members needs, to the little lunchtime details – everything has been especially thought about to try and make it a welcoming and exciting space to spend your work days. More importantly, Rabble is a coworking community that our members are proud to be a part of!